Murder Business Nba Youngboy Lyrics

On January 23, 2019, a shooting took place in the parking lot of a popular nightclub in New Orleans. The shooter killed two people and injured seven others. The incident was captured on video by bystanders and quickly went viral on social media. On January 27, 2019, rapper Youngboy released a diss track that targeted the shooter.

The nba youngboy callin lyrics is a song by Lil Wayne, Youngboy and Kevin Gates. It was released on the mixtape Hoodrich Entertainment Presents: The Mixtape Messiah 4.

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When you think about it, life is all about murder. Whether we’re killing time on the internet or slaying our enemies in real life, there’s always something to kill. And with NBA Youngboy Lyrics by stuck with me, that means lots of killer music for your listening pleasure!

NBA Youngboy – Stuck With Me Lyrics

I’m stuck with you, and I ain’t going nowhere

No matter what you do, I’m still gon’ be here

You can have your fun, but just know I’m not playing

I’m ’bout to show you now, better late than never

I done been through some things that’ll make you shiver

And if it wasn’t for me then you wouldn’t be here

Remember that I love you, no matter how wrong you are

We was supposed to stick together through thick and thin

But now it seems like all we do is fuss and fight

All these other niggas out here doing better than us

Making me wonder if I should just give up on us (on us) ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

NBA Youngboy – O’Block Lyrics

I be on that O’Block, I can never leave

it’s like a trap, I’m stuck in and can’t breath

I done seen some things that would make you sick

and if you ain’t from here, then you best to leave

Cause all my brothers got they guns cocked

And we don’t really give a fuck who come around our block

We just tryna ball and stay alive

And if it comes down to it man we gon’ ride

NBA Youngboy – Acclaim Lyrics

You know I had to do it for the O’s

And everybody that’s from the block

We was always stuck at the bottom

Had to dig our way out the dirt

Now we on top and we don’t ever gonna stop

Cause they can never take away what we got

We made it through the struggles and the pain

And now it’s time to celebrate

So put your hands up if you feel the same way

And let me hear you say


Acclaim, acclaim, all my niggas gettin’ money now (Yeah) 2X Acclaim, acclaim, all my bitches lookin’ pretty now (Pretty) 2X Acclaim, acclaim, all my haters see me doin’ big things now (See me doing big) 2x

NBA Youngboy – Looted Lyrics

I was young and now I’m not, that’s how it goes

I was broke and now I’m rich, can’t keep me in a box

I was lost but now I’m found, and I ain’t never gonna change

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from

You can always end up like me, just gotta stay strong

And when the world is crashing down and everything is shaking

Don’t forget I’m still here with you, we gon’ make it through the storm

NBA Youngboy – Ride For Me Lyrics

I’ma ride for my niggas, I swear to God

And if a nigga try me he gon’ end up dead

I done put in too much work, I can’t let nobody stop me now

They don’t really want no smoke, they just be talkin’, huh?

My youngins with the strap and they goin’ loco

And all my bitches bad and they love to fuck and suck

I swear this life is mine and I’m ’bout to take it

All this money on my mind, I can’t let nobody shake it

You know what time it is when you see that red beam (skrrt)

Bitch I got the keys to the city, they gave it to me (gave it to me)

Yeah, ooh-ohhh (Ride for me) x4

NBA Youngboy – Can’t Be Saved Lyrics

I can’t be saved, I’m goin’ straight to hell

I done killed a couple people, I can’t tell

Mama please don’t cry, I know you love me still

Papa please forgive me, I can’t control myself

They say that blood is thicker than water

But what about when it’s all over the floor?

You said that you would die for me

But would you kill for me? Would you kill for me?

I’m sorry mama but your son is a monster

NBA Youngboy – No Hook Lyrics

I’m so high, I can’t come down

And all these bitches stuck on me like glue

I got ’em stuck on my dick ’cause I’m so fly

And I just hit a lick, I’m feeling rich

All these niggas Looted, they looking for me

They wanna know where I stay, they wanna see the G’s

But I ain’t telling ’em shit, they can go to hell

I don’t need no help, I could do it myself

And if you really want smoke, then come and get it

You might die tonight, better pray to God that you don’t miss it

I’ma keep this shit one hunnid ’til the day that I die

Nigga loot and plunder until there’s nothing left /////// (chorus)

No Hooks! No Hooks! No Hooks!

NBA Youngboy – Outside Today Lyrics

I’m outside today, I’m outside today

Lookin’ for a come up, I need me a pay day

I’m workin’ on my hustle, I’m tryna get paid

I know they don’t want me to succeed

But I’ma do it anyway

They say the odds are against me But I say they’re just motivate me So what you think about that? huh? look at all this cash Now tell me what you think about that? huh?

The “i can get his back blown 4 5 nba youngboy” is a song from the rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. It was released in 2016, and has been getting a lot of attention for its lyrics.

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